What is a ceiling knauf?Or in other words,what is ceiling knitting?Kanaf is one of the most popular building materials especially in construction installations.Because the ceiling has a great impact on the beauty of interior decoration Using a ceiling can help you achieve a unique decoration.On the other hand,the roof canopy can be very earthquake resistant because of its lightness.

کناف سقف Ceiling knauf

In this article we have tried to introduce the ceiling Kanaf and its types,Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of it.
Follow us to get a good knowledge and appreciation of this product.

Ceiling Kanaf

Nowadays,this type of materials can be widely used in different sectors.ceiling Kanaf is used as a plaster in building materials Their existence has given people who work in interior design the opportunity to apply different designs.Mostly used in the construction of the house roof,it is named after it It is actually a metal structure that is covered with plaster or cement.This product is used as ceiling or interior walls and because it is lightweight it can be easily used in different places.

But one important point !!!

Ceiling knuaf is the best choice because of its lightness and high resistance to earthquakes and other accidents;However,they cause less damage.

 Cause of the popularity of the ceiling knuaf

Germany is the first maker of this product, but today its sales market is very prosperous.Knuaf has the ability to be colored and layered And that has made it easy to use in various sectors.And that has made it easy to use in various sectors.

کنافکاری در پذیرایی Ceiling knauf

کناف کاری سقف Ceiling knauf

One of the main features of the ceiling knuaf is its low cost.Using this type of material in different designs of roofs costs less.And most importantly,the time we spend using them is very short-in other words,using and using them will help you save time.Mainly the ceiling knuaf is used to cover the roof of buildings But in some cases,the knuaf can also be used as an inner wall.

کناف کاری سقف Ceiling knauf

Types of ceiling knuaf

Nowadays,knuaf is available in two different categories,And depending on the needs and conditions,one can choose one of the best Usually people who work in interior design can help you choose the type.

طراحی زیبای Ceiling knauf

Types of ceiling knauf,There are two types based on the appearance and of course the infrastructure:

  • Ceiling integrated knuaf : In this style,Steel is used as the main infrastructure,And the existing knuaf is attached to this kind of infrastructure using different beads,And then all of its existing joints are fully covered and used.

knuaf lattice ceiling : In the lattice type,the plaster is used as an infrastructure.They attach it to the ceiling using special pendants.Needless to say, this type of installation is easy to install and run in the shortest time And it can be one of their most important advantages,And of course, this type of grid is much lighter than the integrated one and is easy to move and install.

طراحی دایره ایی Ceiling knauf

Benefits of Ceiling knauf

 There are several advantages to using a ceiling knauf.

1) Ability to create attractive and varied designs

Many people like to have beautiful designs on the roof of their home,And they are looking for different solutions.Knauf will be the best choice and choice for these people;Because it will have the opportunity to implement different designs in the interior decoration of their home.

2) Low cost compared to other materials

The cost of finishing it is not comparable to a regular roof at all; you can easily compare costs.

3) Quick and easy installation

It is very easy to set up and execute such roofs in the shortest amount of time.


These factors have led to the proliferation of these types of materials.
In fact, the use of this type of materials is a unique opportunity to achieve extraordinarily beautiful interior decorations.

کناف سقف Ceiling knauf

نور پردازی در طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی Ceiling knauf

کناف سقف Ceiling knauf

Ceiling knauf

رنگ زیبای سبز در طراحی Ceiling knauf

Disadvantages of the ceiling knauf

Despite these benefits,ceiling knauf has its limitations.
As we mentioned,its installation is easy and in the shortest time,But it certainly requires the expert team to install it.If not done by an expert team;It may not be able to resist after installation.Or,in other words,not enough insulation against heat and sound.This will also cause excess costs.So first you need to try to get the help of a skilled team at work,in fact this problem can be solved by employing a professional team.

Here are some of our designs in the kitchen and dining area.

کنافکاری در پذیرایی Ceiling knauf

کنافکاری زیبا با نورپردازی بی نظیر

طراحی زیبا در سقف با نورپردازی

کنافکاری و نورپرداری

طراحی زیبا به همراه کنافکاری

کنافکاری در پذیرایی

سبک زیبا در طراحی سقف

کنافکاری در محیط استخر

طراح زیبا سقف به همراه نورپردازی

کنافکاری زیبا در سقف

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