Interior decoration design

Interior design may be an extra expense for some people,But we can definitely tell you that interior design is a cost and time management.The interior decoration design,in addition to giving your building a beautiful feel,gives its residents a sense of calm and positive thinking.


Nature home decor

In this video we are talking about designing a duplex house.The homeowner was keen on the green space,so we put nature into the project idea.We used soft,moving forms that fit the nature of the surroundings.The context of this design is a combination of modern and traditional.We tried to consider how to make the project simple and easy.


Design principles of decor


How and where to start?

kitchen decoration

The design of the kitchen space has a variety of designs depending on the space conditions and the design of other parts of the home.Each of the kitchen components such as cabinets,cabinets,even kitchen appliances alone can create a world of diversity and beauty.

Interior decoration of the kitchen plays the most important role in the beauty of a residential building To this day,cabinet makers do not build cabinets without designing the interior design of the kitchen.

طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی دکوراسیون آشپزخانه

Reception is perhaps the most important part of any home.Dividing the living space into two public and semi-public areas is a good idea which is very desirable in our Iranian architectural style.Getting to the right place in the design of the catering decoration requires some consideration.The combination of colors,furniture layout, proper lighting,floor and wall design,and ceiling,each play a key role in the design of the villa and space.

Interior decoration is as important as a kitchen;Furniture Layout,Lighting,Cuff Design,Hall Design;Flooring is also one of the items used in the design of the catering interior design.
Since the reception of a building is part of the public spaces of the building;It is also worth considering to improve the quality of space.

طراحی دکوراسیون داخلی پذیرایی

A TV desk and a wardrobe are one of the most important elements in the beauty of catering decoration; So you need to be extremely sensitive and careful when selecting it.Different materials such as wood, metal, MDF, glass, etc. are used in the design of the television desk.Depending on the type of material available in the home, the appropriate material is selected.
Aside from the TV desk, the design of the wall itself also plays an important role in the beauty of the space and should be well designed.

میز تیوی جدیددر دکوراسیون داخلی

Interior decoration design is recognized as an art, a profession or an industry in the world.
Interior design is the improvement of the interior of the building for daily activities such as work and life.

Design certainly needs to be done according to the environment. Of course the interior design of a small home is different with a large space.

The interior is that which gives the building a soul.

The interior, on the other hand, has a direct impact on the way we operate there;On the other hand, it affects our thinking, mood and mood. The purpose of the interior design is to improve the psychological and physical functioning of the environment to make life there easier.
The interior of a building cannot be used without interior design or basically; Or it doesn’t work best.

The interior design of the building affects the lives of all segments of society;So the interior design debate is not confined to the wealthy and wealthy.
All segments of society and low-income classes can also have interior design.

If we consider persuasion to be one of the tenets of today’s society;And want to have comfortable living conditions in 40 or 60 meters of apartments;Interior design is really a must.
Interior design shows us how and with what tools to live in this small space.
Interior design is directly related to the psycho-psychological characteristics of man.
In designing to achieve an ideal design, human characteristics and behaviors in indoor living environments, including public and private, must be carefully considered.

The designer has two things to consider when designing the interior.

1) Application of that environment

2) The impact that environment is going to have on the user.

Interior design has a wide range of components and parameters, including light, form, texture, color, walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and decorative elements.
These components are designer work tools that should all be considered in a coordinated and appropriate manner.

Interior design as an interface between architecture and design.As much as it has structural, functional and technical dimensions, it also incorporates visual design and visual and aesthetic aspects.For this reason, interior design is often considered one of the visual arts.To succeed in interior design, you must have a great deal of familiarity with design principles and visual elements and principles of visual literacy.To implement the latest and most up-to-date interior design ideas for home design.

The three terms interior decoration, interior design and interior architecture are often used incorrectly.
These three phrases have one thing in common, and they all aim to improve the quality of life by improving the environment.                                                                   Interior architecture plays an important role in the condition of the building space. The layout, color and gender of the surfaces (ceiling, floor and walls), furniture, lighting and other factors affect the beauty and efficiency of the interior.So far, the impact of interior architecture on comfort, performance in office environments and the effectiveness of business environments is very clear and necessary.

  1. Light is a factor that enables one to see.
  2. Form is the physical mass of a three-dimensional, weighted object.
  3. Space is the range available to the user.
  4. Texture is an attribute of an object that is seen or touched.
  5. The shape forms the outer line of an object.
  6. The color that is the visual form of the form.
  7. Volume is an important element of interior design that is displayed in the form of solid or hollow objects.
  8. Importance of interior design

Nowadays, interior design and decoration is of particular interest to people; And it is taught in many disciplines and universities in a separate discipline.

Various patterns and ideas, including classical and modern, are used by designers in the field.
Architectural restrictions are usually unaffected in this regard; And the ambitious ideas of designers can be visualized.
Technology advances to make it easier for some executives to install; The high efficiency and variety of products has created a good context for the community.
This makes interior design an integral part of architectural environments.

In general, to get the desired results at the end of each task; Having the right information and hands-on experience and theory on the subject will help you succeed.

On decoration, this information can be divided into two parts.

1) Original Coatings

Areas such as ceilings, floors, doors and walls are the main subject of decoration work.

2) Decoration Supplies

Includes carpets, tablecloths, furniture, wall paper, cabinets, wardrobes, curtains and other things that make up our decoration together.
These two parts are more important in measuring these two parts because they are more durable than decoration accessories and play a background role in decoration accessories.
Doors and walls are important in the main roofing section; Because the amount of impact they have on interior decorations is much more impressive.

In addition to affecting the environment, walls and colors are effective in expanding space and ambient light.


Residents’ comfort is more important than beauty in interior decoration.
Living, resting or working in a situation where it does not provide comfortable and comfortable conditions will have a heavy and dull atmosphere and will leave people out.
The important role of architecture and interior decoration is to create the right environment for living and human activities.


The main level of the rooms including the floor and the walls and ceiling; The curtains cover the chairs and sofas, the surface of the windows and the doors also make smaller surfaces.
Role, color, and texture help to make rooms look smaller or larger. Regular colors and sharp colors give more attention to desired levels of power and make the environment smaller and crowded.

Orsi, shrub, vestibule, shelves, gardens and ponds are some of the elements of interior design in Iran.
The way Iranian architects used these elements in the past was to reduce the attractiveness of the form and add to the productivity of space. This geometry comes with decorations.

Colors in interior decoration

The color combination of the space depends a lot on the people who want to live in the space, personalized and tasted, the colors are wide ranging, and the people have different tastes.
In the field of interior decoration design, the designer may suggest to the homeowner a combination of colors;After all, the color combination in the first place depends on the type of room; For example, the living room is a reception room and should use relaxing colors in the room;The bedroom is a personal space and a place to rest and sleep; Its color must be chosen according to the homeowner’s Heart feelings.

It may also be the color combination, according to the homeowner; People who are active and energetic, for example, prefer bright colors.
However, most people in the home prefer the darker colors. Other colors may also be used in color combinations.

Certainly every designer has a relative understanding of the different styles in design;There is a great variety of styles in interior decoration design.
Modern style and classic style are the most popular styles of interior decoration,other styles include Shaker style interior design;Also rustic interior decoration style;Moroccan style;Indian style;An ancient Roman style and dozens of other styles can be named.

There is a style in design that is unique to Iran and may be said to be unique in design. The style of interior design in Iran today has undergone modern changes which is important to know the rules. There are rules and tips in kitchen decoration design, catering interior design and more.

Interior decoration of shops and commercial spaces can be important because of the direct impact on the sales of any business, and today the interior design of the shop is one of the basic needs of a store space.


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